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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Brian Oxendine Catching the SPECKS

Associate Guide Brian Oxendine has been catching the Crappie. He only has a few days remaining this month to get you on the water. Email me at or call 540-894-6195 and lets get your Lake Anna Crappie Trip scheduled!!!!!

April 8 Dr. Scott "LC" Newton & Buck Deane

This afternoon I had the pleasure of taking 
Dr. Scott "LC" Newton and his brother in law Buck Deane, out for a few hours of crappie fishing. After the uneventful morning outing, I was not looking forward to the afternoon. 

The water temps up lake where Brian Oxendine and myself had been catching fish over the weekend dropped nearly 13 degrees with the cold rain that fell on Monday. 

After loading the boat, I made my run back up lake with hopes that the sun would pull the fish back up, it did exactly that!!!!! 
We found spawning fish in 57 degree water and very aggressive. Several females that we caught were dumping eggs and the males were in FULL TUXEDO!!!!!

We fished two major creeks with willow grass and every fish came out of the grass. All of the fish were caught on artificial bait. NO LIVE BAIT NEEDED! 2" Kalin Grubs in John Deere Green rigged on a 1/16 NABC Sickle Hook Jig Head. 
Between the three of us we caught over 100 fish in just 4 1/2 hours and the guys kept 58. 

Dr. Scott Newton has is the current leader for the month with the largest crappie in the Anna Point Marina/Fish Tales Big Fish Contest for Crappie with a 1lb 6oz fish. 
Dr. Newton, with over 50 years experience as a Fisheries Biologist and Aquaculture Specialist helped me kick-start Crappie Season today, he plans to join me on several more trips this month.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The coldest March that I can remember is finally gone, hopefully OLD MAN WINTER has lost his grip on us.......I HOPE!! With April comes warmer air temperatures, warmer water temperatures, longer days and spawning fish.

Fish Tales at Anna Point Marina is having their Big Fish Contest again this month. The angler that catches the largest bass, crappie and striper this month and weighs it in at Fish Tales will win $100 or a yearly ramp pass. ($125 value)

The rules are simple.................

1- Must launch from Anna Point Marina/Fish Tales. Must be a yearly ramp pass
    holder or pay the $8 ramp fee before your outing.

2- If fishing with a GUIDE or an EMPLOYEE, the $8 ramp fee must be paid   before your outing.

3- Artificial and Live Bait is allowed.

4- All fish must be weighed on the porch scales at Fish Tales.
    Tournament caught fish are eligible, but they MUST be weighed on 

    Fish Tales porch scales!!!!!!  

Last Months Winners Were........
BASS- Terry Kestner  7 pounds 8 ounces
CRAPPIE- Justin Shafer  1 pound 10 ounces
STRIPER- Hunter Gatewood  12 pounds 3 ounces

BASS- The largemouth will be making their move to the shallows in full force this month. The full moon is on the 15th, look for water temps to be on the rise and the bass looking for an area to spawn.

Great places to look are areas with emerging willow grass (North Anna Arm) along the shoreline. Single bladed 1/4oz Dave's Tournament Tackle Tiger Shad Spinnerbaits in the Purple Tiger pattern will produce several fish. North Anna Bait Co. CC MINNOW's will also catch them in and around the emerging grass.
When fishing the grass, try and resemble a crappie the best you can with your bait selection, the bass are gorging on small crappie that have pulled up into the grassy areas!

Bost docks and rock piles over in the Pamunkey arm of the lake will start holding several fish as well. Squarebill crankbaits, Rat L Traps, Spinnerbaits and CC MINNOW's will all produce fish for you.

The uplake areas are stained right now, so seeing a bass on the bed is going to be a difficult task. From the 208 bridge to the dam, they will be much easier to see. Look for them around boats docks, stumps, lay down trees and grassy areas. Try pitching a North Anna Bait Company 7" Ring Shaker worm rigged on a Shakey Head to entice them into biting. The tail on the Ring Shaker will stand straight up and has lots of action with very little movement on your end.

The females are full of eggs right now and it is very important to release them back, for the future of out fishery!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

CRAPPIE- The Specks are making their move to shallow areas at the current time. They can still be found around the bridge pilings early in the month. As the water gets above 50 degrees, they will pull into 2-5 feet of water around the emerging willow grass, beaver huts, boat docks, brush piles, rock piles and beaver huts. My favorite way to catch them is by casting a 1/16oz NABC Sickle Hook jighead with a 2" Kalin Curly Tail Grub. My three favorite color choices are John Dheere Green, Green Weenie and Wally World. Small minnows on slip bobbers will also work for those of that just want to kick back and relax!!!!

STRIPER- The Striper have made their move uplake and are shallow. Look for them on red clay banks on both arms of the lake early and late in the day. Sassy Shads, Sea Shads, NABC SWIM N MINNOWS and Hard Jerkbaits will all produce fish. In North Anna check out the mouth of Duck N Hole and Goldmine Creeks. The S Turns in Pamunkey has been the hot zone the past few weeks. There are still some diving birds on these fish, be sure not to run the outboard into them, you will shut the feed down!!!!

Water Temps
Dike 3- 56
Mid Lake- 48-52
Up Lake- 46-52

Downlake- Clear
Mid Lake- Slight Stain
Up Lake- Heavy Stain

Chris Craft
CCBASSN Lake Anna Guide Service
540-895-5900 ext5



ARSON JIG'S PRO STAFF                          




Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24 Kelly & Caleb Woodward

Kelly Woodward and his son Caleb met me at Fish Tales at 3:30, I launched the boat and we prepared ourselves for the cold ride uplake. The air temp was about 35 degrees when we took off. 

The conditions today we very different than the past few times I have been out. The pressure was very high and the fish were flat on the bottom in 14-15 feet of water. I located several good sized schools of fish, but all were the same, deep and in-active. 

Caleb hooked up on the first fish, I probably shouldn't tell you how but........he made a cast and back lashed pretty bad. He started hand lining the bait back to the boat and about 10 feet away, a small keeper crushed the bait! Just how to you replicate that retrieve????

After fishing my "HOT SPOT" and not seeing any active fish, we started to move around. I finally found another bunch of fish and Kelly quickly hooked up. That would be the only one from that area. 

Just before dark, I pulled up to one more point and had one crush my jerkbait! After a short fight, the largest fish of the evening was in the well. That fish weighed close to 8 pounds!

Tomorrow the weather forecast is snow!!!!!!! TOO BAD I HAVE TO BE AT FISH TALES!!!!!!!! 


March 21 Back on the Striper

Brian and I went back out this afternoon after a day and a half of making baits looking for some more striper action. It only took minutes to get the first strike! After a great battle, the 
10 1/2 pound fish was in the boat. It 100% totally choked on the Rhino Tuff Custom Crankbaits 110 Jerkbait in Dark Crafty Black Crappie color. (see pic above) 

We should have been back at Fish Tales with a limit in less than 2 hours, but the fish were slapping at the baits and we lost several fish. We did end up with 4 nice fish for the dinner table! 

March 14 Jody & Leon

This afternoon I met Jody Robinson & Leon Thomas for a few hours of striper fishing. The weather was not the best, but it was the only day the duo could go. We has 20+ mph winds with gusts over 30. I made the run uplake to the area I have been catching them and it didn't take very long to have the first fish of the day hooked up. 

Boat control was a job in itself today, the wind was blowing directly onto the short "HOT ZONE"! Leon hooked up on his first of the outing and after netting the fish, I spent nearly 10 minutes getting the treble hooks out of the net. While I was getting Leon's jerkbait free, Jody hooked up. I netted his fish with the other bait still in the net. Jody put his rod down and picked my Bulldog Custom Rod up and quickly hooked another fish!

What a great few hours on the water with great clients!! We ended up with 6 keepers in the boat, a couple of missed strikes and only 1 lost fish!

Water Temps were 47 degrees

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19 Old Man Winter Still Hanging On

I can't remember Old Man Winter hanging on for this long! Here we are a couple days after a St Patricks Day snow storm and it is still cold and rainy on Lake Anna!!! 

The water temps are still in the low to mid 40's throughout most of the lake. What does that mean? Well, it means the JERK BAIT bite is still going strong! Suspending and slow sinking jerk baits fished on main lake points will produce fish for you. The key to fishing these baits is to SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!! 

Look for fish to be on the first break line off of the shore, this is usually between 6 and 12 feet of water. Make long casts parallel to the shore and vary your cadence until you figure out just what kind of mood the fish are in. 

If you decide to venture up lake, even though the water temps up there are currently below 45 degrees, do not be afraid to fish a spinner bait in the emerging willow grass. The Purple Tiger represents a small crappie. That is my go to color spinner bait this time of year. 

Don't forget about the Big Fish Contest at Fish Tales. They will be paying $100 for the largest Bass, Crappie and Striper caught and brought to the scales this month. The rules are very simple......





Currently the leaders are as follows......
BASS- Richard Heath  7lbs 7oz
CRAPPIE- Greg South  1lb 5oz
Striper- Hunter Gatewood  11lbs 3oz